Friday, November 29, 2013

Listen: Doubles from Eliza and the Bear and The Almighty Rhombus, A Single Shot of Shy for Shore

When life calls for not one but two different pies (here and here) may I suggest these crusty favorites:

Eliza and The Bear are an English band that is quickly attracting attention around the world. First there was an Autumn spent opening for Paramore’s UK Arena tour (at Hayley’s request). Now there is an upcoming show at Brixton Academy supporting Imagine Dragons along with a new single, “It Gets Cold”, that was selected as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record In the World’. Not bad for a band still finding their way. Check out the new single:

 And just because I'm feeling doubly nice (double pies all around), here's an older one (“Friends”):

Amsterdam-based Shy For Shore is back with more irresistible ‘80s inspired dreaminess. Their new single “Teenage Pains” was crafted in between bouts with sweets, soppy movies and synthesizer solos. “Teenage Pains” is just one piece of an EP, appropriately dubbed 1985, that pays homage to the eighties. The 1985 EP will be available for purchase starting on Friday, December 13.

The Almighty Rhombus‘ month old LP, Lucid Living, has been sitting in my inbox for some time. Since there were a number of tracks on it I enjoyed, I was waiting for just the right “double shot” recipe. A double dose of pies seems like just the right time to roll it out. Lucid Living is the band’s debut. It plays like anything but. Lucid Living shows the Almighty Rhombus’ versatility and colorfulness as it quickly transitions from howling garage to glossy pop to psychedelic jams All of this, while staring down the barrel of one bad ass chick’s gun. You can stream and purchase the entire album from Here I’ve highlighted two of its tracks. The first is the lead track “Down South” which plays like pure, unadulterated indie rock.

The second track is “Butane Brain” which reminds me a lot of Tripping Daisy or the Eels style rock. It is simply presented with ridiculous lyrics that are played over a layer of softly scorching guitars and keys that seem best suited for a church choir.