Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Peppers Covered in Chocolate Melted by Andy Gibbard, the Handcuffs and Goodman Brown

I was presented with a gift from my co-worker Renee today. It was a bag of these baby chili peppers from her garden. They stared at me throughout our morning meeting and about halfway through I decided to have me a sample. I wanted to check the Scoville Heat Unit on them. The heat was a little too much for my water bottle to handle so I grabbed the only other thing that was in my reach, a mini Hershey's Dark Bar. That's when it came to me. Hot peppers, chocolate and some....peanut butter? Why not?

Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Peppers Covered in Chocolate
(printable version)

-chili peppers
-natural peanut butter (it is moves easier)
-dark chocolate
-milk/soy milk

1. Cut the top off the chili pepper. Remove the seeds and discard. Drip the peanut butter into the center until the pepper is filled. Place on wax paper.

2. In a sauce pan heat the chocolate over low heat. Add the sugar and milk or soy milk (I used a ratio of three chocolate squares to one teaspoon of milk and sugar). Stir constantly until chocolate is melted into a ganache like topping. Get a spoonful of chocolate and drip to cover the pepper. Continue until the entire pepper has been covered. Repeat until all the peppers and chocolate have been used.

3. Refrigerate the peppers until chocolate is hardened. Eat, squeal, love.

Imagine a piano player providing the music for a main card melee fought at half speed between the Arctic Monkeys and Frightened Rabbit and you are somewhere in the vicinity of Andy Gibbard. Gibbard is an English singer-songwriter who is preparing for his full length album, Focus, by offering a prologue, Prefocus. This five song EP can be yours by paying a visit to his bandcamp page. Especially fruitful is "The English Rose."

Andy Gibbard - The English Rose by write.click.cook.listen

I've been enjoying the Handcuffs' garage glam hit "Baby I Love You" for a couple of months now. I should probably move on to their new single "Miss You on Tuesday" but this one is so hard to leave behind. Look for their new album on September 6th.

The Handcuffs-Baby I Love You

When that day comes that I've gone and killed myself I hope that it is half as cheery as Goodman Brown makes it sound. "Done and Killed Myself" is about exactly what it says. But instead of a depressive Xiu Xiu tear fest this one's got cheery pianos, screaming guitars and a celebratory sounding chorus. East Coast dates are quickly approaching (NY, Philly, Delaware at the end of this month and Connecticut and Massachusetts in early September) as the band supports their Free-P (available here).

Done And Killed Myself by Goodman Brown