Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Pairing 101: What goes well with the Burger 21 Chili Cheese Dog (veggie style)

A few weeks back I did a tasting at Burger 21 (here) in West Chase. While I devoured veggie burgers and shakes the meat eaters were treated to sliders and hot dogs. The first thing I noticed when they brought out the hot dogs was the bread. They weren't your typical hot dog buns. These dogs were wrapped in what Burger 21 dubbed "Lobster Rolls." Laymen might call it "Texas Toast." Naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I had to replicate it at home. I chose the restaurant's Chili Cheese Dog as my test subject.

Start with the Texas toast (which is a thick slice of Italian bread slathered in garlic and Earth Balance and grilled). Then layer, in order, the vegetarian hot dog, chili, onions and cheese. You may also want to include jalapenos though I skipped them. The dog was a mess, a good mess, but a mess just the same.

While I made the Texas toast and put this dog together I was looking for music that knows what it is like to fuse two worlds together (dance and punk perhaps?). I was also looking for something that sounds like "a wasted sugar high, like eating boxes of Pixy Stix and chugging Colt 45's while listening to your high school record collection on shuffle and fingering your then girlfriend...what the f##k was her name?" That meant I only had one option. Digit Dealer.

Digit Dealer is a Brooklyn/Queens band made up of Austin, Arv and Sean. One an art school student from Brooklyn. One an Indian kid from Queens. And one a dude that had the other two singing as his phone's ringtone. Together they have joined forces to create undeniably catchy dance punk music that I can't stop listening too. Digit Dealer is prepping for the release of their new album Bad Field Trip on August 19th. They are celebrating with a release party that also features Lionshare, Wolf Couture (which is Ninjasonik's old DJ, DJ Teenwolf, and his new band) and Sludgehammer. "Homoeroticism in the Fall Out Boy Canon" is the fourth track on Bad Field Trip.

Digit Dealer-Homoeroticism in the Fall Out Boy Canon by

The rest of the album:

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