Sunday, August 14, 2011

Farmegeddon Dr. Pepper Seitan Sandwich Slow Cooked with The Breedings and Jens Lekman

Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend a sold out event at Roosevelt 2.0. The event included a showing of the documentary Farmegeddon, a discussion with the director and sampling of local foods and products provided by restaurants, farmers and foodies. WMNF, the local community radio station, played a large role in putting this event together.

Farmegeddon, as with most documentaries, had some flaws but overall I enjoyed learning through human impact stories that were presented by the film. These were stories of farmers who were producing foods (mainly raw milk/dairy products) to support a niche market that was against USDA protocol. As a result, most of these people found themselves victims of ridiculous USDA antics that caused much hardship and monetary loss. The film, at its core, is simply asking why people don't have the freedom to eat what they want even if there are risks? I mean there are just as many risks drinking soda, eating meat from corporate factory farms or smoking cigarettes as there are drinking raw milk or eating raw dairy products. Yet only three of those things (cigarettes, corporate meat, soda) are legal to be sold in all fifty states.

Taking part in the evening's festivities was a Tampa Food Truck called Wicked Wiches. While I didn't buy anything from them (there was too much free food being passed around) I was inspired by one of their sandwiches. As a result we have a Dr. Pepper Basted Seitan Brisket Topped with Caramelized Barbecue Onions and Cheddar Cheese (make it vegan or don't, your choice). You can get the recipe, in printable form, here.

These sandwiches are urban and rural life rolled into one. This means that while they don't go great with people who have a history of suffering from heartburn, they go great with The Breedings. The Breedings are a brother and sister duo from Kentucky. Willie spent some time in NYC and put out a few solo albums before his sister, Erin, joined him to do the vocal work. The result is a band that isn't completely pop and isn't completely country, but falls somewhere on the spectrum between the two. They have just recorded their debut album, Laughing at Luck, that Willie deems "what I would imagine the Strokes would sound like if they were a female fronted band from 1978." Here's my favorite track "Impatient Love."

The Breedings-Impatient Love by

Also of Seitanic interest is Jens Lekman's disagreement with himself. There's a "Shut up" "No you shut up" which later becomes a "F**k You" "No F**K You" which are surrounded by, amongst other things, accordions. Classic. This is Lekman's first release in a few years and if the rest of the EP sounds like this, I'm captured.

Jens Lekman - An Argument With Myself by DOJAGSC