Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea: A Drink with Jam and Lucy Rose

It has taken a while but some people are starting to get it. The general tendency is to view food and music with completely separate lenses as if they are two different endeavors. But in each realm their exists a similar amount of creativity, spontaneity, passion and excitement necessary for a good performance. I've argued, for the last two and a half years, that food and music aren't that different. More and more people are showing signs of agreeing. So who are these people that are starting to "get" it? CSS released a cooking mixtape and included a recipe for cookies with it, M. Ward and Jim James started a creme brulee blog, Frettin For Food has been putting on concerts to benefit the Blount County food pantry, Steve Albini blogs about his Italian cooking experiences, Dekuliner performs culinary blues rock songs and the Vegan Black Metal Chef sings his recipes in a scary way. To the list we now must add English singer-songwriter Lucy Rose.

Lucy caught her big break when Scottish music critic Edith Bowman heard an early demo and liked it. This led to gigs with Mumford & Sons, collaborations with Bombay Bicycle Club and eventually to headlining shows that sell out in mere minutes and You Tube videos that reach six figures in views. Lucy's connection with food comes at her live gigs. While the merchandise tables of other bands are crowded with t-shirts, bandannas, pomade and actual albums, Lucy prefers to market her own brand of tea (Builder's Grey pictured above) and jam. The tea sells out at every show. The number of jam units purchased to date is 43. When pressed (asked nicely) for the jam recipe Lucy slyly provided a list of ingredients (ginger, rhubarb, apple, lemon, sugar and fruit pectin) with no measurements or instructions. Gotta protect the merchandise! That's just another reason why she "gets" it.

Lucy Rose's first single "Middle of the Bed" will be officially released on August 8th. She will be performing at various festivals throughout the summer (including Belladrum, In the Woods and Bestival).