Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Hot Love Potatoes (aka Crash Hot Potatoes) Eased From the Sack by the Solomons and Toucan

Jill Dupleix, a freelance food writer who was born in Australia, created the recipe for these beautiful little things on the left and dubbed them Crash Hot Potatoes. Due to my recent marathon of Big Love episodes, including one with a serious conversation by the three wives while potato peeling, I have begun to refer to them as Big Hot Love Potatoes (it doesn't hurt that they are so easy...to make). Simply throw together some olive oil, salt, rosemary and potatoes, bake them a little and then slightly smash them. Trust me, your wife/wives will love you for it.

In honor of Jill's Australian upbringing I turned on the sounds of the Solomons and Toucan while making these potatoes.