Saturday, June 4, 2011

Say Goodbye with a Meal Mix: Handsome Furs, Skizzy Mars, Sarabeth Tucek, Antonio Paul, The Shivers, United Fruit, Fan Modine,The Five One and more...

For the past six years I've known an amazing bunch of people through J-Fur's anthropology program. We've gone to concerts and on trips together, cooked food, boated, played shuffleboard, watched movies, spent holidays and been there for each other during some trying times. This week, four of them left to go into the field and begin their dissertation research. At the end of the summer two more will leave and in December yet another two.

As you can see, there have been and will be a lot of goodbye dinners in the next few months. While these are generally happy affairs, you can't help but be pleased that these people whom you've grown so close to have a chance to go off and study what it is they enjoy, there are also those feelings of sadness. Will you be back? Will I see you again? That is what this playlist is all about. Its not happy, not sad but it does say goodbye (hopefully only for a short while). It also says good luck to DR, Fedster, KD and HH.

Handsome Furs-Repatriated
Skizzy Mars-Profound
Sarabeth Tucek-Get Well Soon
Antonio Paul-City Dreams
The Shivers-Used to Be
United Fruit-Go Away, Don't Leave Me Alone
Ki: Theory-Holiday Heart
Neighbors-Gone Too Long
Fan Modine-Through the Valley
The Five One-Monsters, Mutants,Vampires
Vermilion Club-Hummingbirds

Download Playlist Here

Thanks to Stereogum, KEXP blog, MP3 Hugger, Pigeons and Planes, Triple J Unearthed, Indie Rock Cafe, Consequence of Sound, The Devil has the Best Tuna and Swedesplease and the bands for making this playlist possible.