Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Flavored Song of the Day: They Saved George the Third's Brain by Showcase Showdown

"What they don't tell you in Hollywood is that the tea wound up in the harbor."

-Showcase Showdown

Around the turn of the century my music listening habits mainly consisted of punk music. One of my favorite acts at the time (aside from the amazing Dillinger Four) was Boston's Showcase Showdown. Their music had everything I needed, fast sloppy chords, spit-a-second lyrics and a lead singer with a unique (read annoying?) voice. But the main reason I enjoyed them was that their songs dealt with things I cared about (cocaine sniffing fat actors, mean police, taxes, drunk priests, Rupert Murdoch, wasting money in space and roller derby) and had a historical flair to them (the only thing similar I can think of now would be The Monitor by Titus Andronicus' which revolved around the Civil War). So naturally it saddened me when I was at the Warped Tour interviewing Paul Russo (at the time a member of fellow Boston band The Unseen) and I jokingly suggested that next time he "bring along Showcase Showdown" and he replied "I'd love to but they broke up." Never having seen them live is one of the big regrets of my early music life.

Showcase Showdown had two full length albums: Appetite of the Kings and Permanent Stains (which featured "They Saved George the Third's Brain")