Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Postview: A Letdown (with pictures)

My two goals with Record Store Day 2011 were to get my hands on the limited edition Nirvana EP Hoarmoaning and Fucked Up's David's Town (a companion compilation of fake British bands to go with their upcoming album David Comes to Life). Despite checking out three record stores, I struck out on both. In the end I settled for the Bouncing Souls Live at Generation Records while J-Fur picked up Adele and a sub pop compilation (also disappointments as she was seeking the Fleet Foxes 7 inch).

To make matters worse, J-Fur didn't really like her cupcake (said it was too dry). At least my strawberry overload, though a tad sugary, hit the spot. Cupcakes were provided by Stephii Cakes, breakfast by Central Coffee Shop. The Devil Bunny just came along for the ride.

Here's a track from Fucked Up's fake compilation courtesy of Pitchfork. Animal Man-Do You Feed

Here is their second single "A Little Death" from David Comes to Life.
Fucked Up-A Little Death

Fellow record hunters what did you get?