Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Ring Mix: Reversing Falls, Foxy Shazam, They Might Be Giants, DNA, Making Friendz, the School, Street Chant, Matt Pond PA and Jesse Ruins

With no disrespect towards boxing and wrestling, promise, piston, compression or Olympic rings there really is one ring that rules them all. That is the one made from onions, battered and covered in ketchup (wedding ones are also up there). Onion Rings were, for the longest time, one of my most hated things (right up there with Combos). When I was a tiny lad, I spent an afternoon with my grandmother and brother watching my cousins play baseball. After the game we went to a hole in the wall diner and I ate onion rings for the first time. Later that day I began vomiting and I blamed it all on onion rings.

A few months ago I overcame my psychological issues and tried them again. They lorded over me. Onion rings are potent enough to bring a person to their knees in excruciating pain. They also have the ability to make that same person come back, years later, and give them a second chance. What other ring can do that? That's what this playlist is all about.

Reversing Falls-Little Goodbye
Foxy Shazam-Wanna Be Angel
They Might Be Giants-Can't Keep Johnny Down
DNA-Life as it is
Making Friendz-Situation
The School-I want you Back
Street Chant-Less Talk, More Sewing
Matt Pond PA-Love to Get Used
Jesse Ruins-Dream Analysis

Download Playlist Here

Thanks to Stereogum, KEXP blog, MP3 Hugger, Pigeons and Planes, Triple J Unearthed, Indie Rock Cafe, Consequence of Sound, Swedesplease and the bands for making this playlist possible.

The pictured rings are vegan and beer battered and they came from this recipe.