Saturday, April 9, 2011

Food Flavored Song of the Day: Bubblegum Machine by Impo & the Tents

(photo by J-Fur)

I met my first girlfriend by a bubblegum machine in the corner of the roller skating rink. I tied a bracelet around her arm (confident that girls love all jewelry, even if it is made out of cloth) and there was no way she could refuse. That's why "Bubblegum Machine" by Impo & the Tents holds a special place in my heart. I understand.

Before you jump all over me and say bubblegum isn't a food, know this: I spent the first sixteen years of my life swallowing gum (and the last fifteen not chewing it). If the rumor that bubblegum lasts in your stomach for many years was true, which it isn't, I would've had one heck of a ball in there.

Impo & the Tents-Bubblegum Machine