Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artist's Cookbook: Fettucine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta Courtesy of Galapaghost

After posting Fucked Up's last single "The Other Shoe" I was contacted by Galapaghost (aka Casey Chandler) who shared with me an experience he had at one of their shows. Seems that the band played a 10 minute set at SUNY Purchase before Damien stripped down, broke through the barricades and was escorted out by campus security. It was, in his words, the most memorable show that year (and one that I can completely relate too).

If you are not familiar with Galapaghost's music, let me start by saying that it is nothing like Fucked Up. There is no screaming, seventeen minute punk presentations or getting naked and being escorted out by security. Think of it like this: if Fucked Up is the meat cleaver that butchers your steak, Galapaghost is the butter knife that smothers your bread. Galapaghost's songs are laid back indie folk tunes performed on a ukelele with a smattering of guitar, keyboard and drums. They incorporate pieces of Midlake and Espers, Radiohead and Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel without sounding like any of them.

Galapaghost just released his third EP, Runnin' (his other two were released in 2009 and Our Lost GenerationNeptunes from 2010). Runnin' marks a shift to a more unconventional way of doing music. It is the first of the lot to be given away for free, iTunes wasn't worth the hassle, features more outside the box thinking and required more effort than its predecessors. The EP's standout tracks are its initial ones, "Never Heard Nothin" and "Runnin." Originally the low-key "Never Heard Nothin" was slated to be a B-side but at the last minute, Galapaghost decided to include it on the EP. Thank goodness as the EP feels sort of incomplete without it. "Runnin" is a much more upbeat, tambourine banging affair.

To accompany his new EP, Galapaghost suggests an easy recipe that will make mouths water and heads turn. It is his famous Fettucine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta.

Galapaghost-Never Heard Nothin'