Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Fat Tuesday Feast of Edmame Soup with Goat Cheese Croutons and Moreno

Most people probably celebrated Fat Tuesday with doughnuts and Vegan King Cakes. My cuisine was slightly less colorful though positively more healthy. I piled some asparagus, broccoli and Edmame into a pot, added some stock and spices then topped it with goat cheese croutons (aka baguette with slathered in goat cheese). The dish tasted really good (even if the picture looks like crap). If my directions above weren't enough, you can find an actual recipe here.

As I ate the green mush I revisited the sounds of Chile's Moreno. Moreno has a new album called Human Pequeno, that is all instrumentals (well, except for the sample of the kid singing the Rolling Stones). Stand out cooking tracks are "Ha Muerto Dennis Hopper" (especially the end when he brings in the wind work) and "No Es Mi Culpa." They basically played on repeat because of how they make me feel. Moreno also orchestrated a music video for my favorite song of his, "Pica." Full of OPP (cats people), brilliant colors, balls of yarn and a chocolate milk like drink, the video makes me feel like I am right at home. That's all I can ask.

Download Human Pequeno for free here.