Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Flavored Song of the Day: Grown for a Minute (Freestyle Friday) by e-dubble

(photo by J-Fur)

A few years back a good friend of mine from high school was having major stomach problems. After moving around from doctor to doctor she found out that she was suffering from Celiac disease. This was a big deal for her because pasta was one of her favorite meals.

Before her diagnosis, Celiac disease was unfamiliar to me. Twenty-six years and I had never met someone who suffered from it. It took five more years before I heard the disease mentioned in a song.

e-dubble's (first mentioned here) newest freestyle Friday piece, "Grown for a Minute," features the line "I ain't got the dough like I'm gluten free, no Celiacs because I love the wheat." e-dubble then proceeds to mention more foods and food products in the next thirty seconds than I've ever heard in verse before.

Sounds like this song was meant for