Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mid-Run Concert Review: Social Distortion at Jannus Live

(picture from the Jannus Live website)

Here is a transcript from the review I recorded for last nights Social Distortion, Lucero and Frank Turner concert at Jannus Live. It was around mile six of an eleven mile run.

The Venue: Welcome back Jannus Live, I haven't graced you with my presence since you dropped the landing from your name and went through those bankruptcy problems. Not sure if it has anything to do with it but where do you get off charging three dollars for a plastic cup of water that comes from a bottle, yet you don't even get the whole bottle. If it is because of the labor that is involved with it how about I save you that step next time and you give me the whole bottle and I'll give you the three bucks.

The Opening Acts: Lucero, I've now seen you twice and you have the ability to bring grown men to their knees, bowing down and worshipping your ZZ Top like beards. But on recordings, you can't even bring down my living room. Where is the disconnect? Frank Turner, are you in anyway related to the pulverizing running back for the Atlanta Falcons that is a stalwart on my fantasy team? I only ask you this because that is exactly what you did to my eardrums. Sorry that I missed most of your set, I blame it on the flaming cheese and car. How about I make it up to you. I think I uh...would like to get to know you better.

The Headliners: Social Distortion, you've been around for 30 plus years and you can still bring it. If anyone doubts that have them look up video for your encore ending cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." Can't wait for the new album. Nothing has rung more true than the introduction where you suggested that there looked like there were some "survivors" in the crowd.

The Crowd: I understand some of you are over 40 years old. I understand that some of you had kids with you, either attached to your hands or attached to your umbilical cords. I also understand some of you had the pomemade put on so thick that maybe it messed with your brains. But when Social Distortion ended you stood there, like you were at a golf match, completely silent. It wasn't that you wanted an encore, it was more like you felt like you were entitled to one. If it was my band, I wouldn't have come back out. Thank god they did because it was a blast.

After Concert Dessert: Ceviche, I hate chocolate. But last night you paired some mild chocolate cake with raspberry syrup, vanilla cream sauce and fresh berries. I put a hurting on that (and my waistline). Cheers!

Social Distortion has a new track, "Machine Gun Blues" that you can listen to at this link. In January they will release a new album, their first in over six years, on Epitaph Records. It is called Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.