Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chocolates by Michelle catered by Eastern Conference Champions, Voxhaul Broadcast and Vancans

The weekly story my third graders and I read this week was one about what it takes to be a writer. Helen Lester, the author, said you need to be prepared to write "ANYtime, ANYwhere and on ANYthing." Sometimes as a blogger you need to do the same thing.

I was dancing up a storm at my friend LC's wedding when I realized that her dessert caterer, a chocolate maker named Michelle (who was accompanied by her co-worker Patricia), might have some interesting things to say about food. So, I grabbed a couple receipts from MP and one of Michelle's business cards and took notes as she told her story.

It was an amazing one full of cigarettes and Martha Stewart, Oprah and suitcases full of chocolate, Bill Clinton and learning disabilities, awards and television shows. I won't rehash the entire interview (you can check out her bio here) but I would like to highlight a few things. Chocolates by Michelle:
  • color coordinate their display for events (Michelle used to be a caterer)
  • are known for the chocolate covered strawberries (ask Martha Stewart)
  • will ship all over and they will travel to events
  • offer chocolate classes and camps
  • has developed an oil free fondue that flows beautifully
  • has over 10,000 molds so they "can make anything"
It has been said that Michelle took a bad habit, smoking, and turned it good. She takes chocolate with her everywhere she goes because it helps her meet people (and sometimes makes things happen). Need chocolate or are just looking for a good story teller? I suggest making your way to Port Richey, Florida (or don't, after all, she does travel). Some photos from the wedding spread:

Since we are talking covering things in chocolate how about we get some bands doing some covering themselves. I'm talking Eastern Conference Champions and Voxhaul Broadcast reinterpreting Violent Femmes with a lispy punk attitude and Vancans bringing some shine to Kid Cudi's gold. Thanks to COS for these covers.

Eastern Conference Champions and Voxhaul Broadcast-Add it Up

Vancans-Pursuit of Happiness

Speaking of Kid Cudi, two days until Man on the Moon II finds its way into stores and onto internets.