Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where they eat: Mack'N Biz at Outback Steakhouse or a Mexican Joint

(photo taken from the Mack'N Biz website, I did not take it)

AJ Baltazar and Andy McNamara (aka The Mack'N Biz) are best friends that first met while pledging the Sigma Nu fraternity at UCSD. It didn't take long for these aspiring rappers to realize they had a lot in common. The Mack'N Biz was born shortly after. Three and a half years later these guys are done with school (AJ graduated with a degree in music, Andy went the economics route) and focusing on their fourth independent mix tape, Unemployed, which should be finished next month (you can download the previous three from their website).

It's not all beats and rhymes with these guys. Sometimes, well, they gotta eat. AJ (the Biz part of the equation) is a Mexican fan. You'll catch him at one of the local joints chowing down on anything Mexican (if he was in Florida he could go here or here), but especially tacos or burritos. Andy (the Mack) is a steak guy. If he's in the mood for his favorite, you'll find him enjoying Filet Mignon at Outback Steakhouse.

And you? You can do what I do and combine their two loves by going to Outback for mexican (quesadillas dipped in honey mustard). Or you can enjoy "Hometown" by the Mack'N Biz. Or you can do both.

The Mack'N Biz-Hometown (produced by Dakota)

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