Monday, October 18, 2010

Baker's Dozen: Interview with Stockholm

(image from Stockholm's Facebook Page)

Doesn't it just get under your skin when the need kid in town gets all the girls (or boys)? I mean c'mon, you've been pouring your heart and soul into wooing those around you for a while and next thing you know, its the new comer walking away with the prize. Metaphorically speaking, Stockholm is that new kid. They've been a band for a little over a year yet they've accomplished things that would make some senior bands green with envy. On the flip side, they've worked hard to get where they are at (unlike that new kid who survives on looks alone) by putting out hyper-catchy anthems like "Bad By Design" (which was the second to last track on our October Miso Horny Mix). Recently I had the chance to interview, via email, Olie Thomas guitarist from Stockholm. Here we go with yet another installment of our Baker's Dozen Interview Series.

TB: Why Stockholm? Why not Dublin or Budapest or Bern?
Olie Thomas from Stockholm: Stockholm is actually a band secret, I actually don't know why we named it what it is. But I believe the main reason we did, was because its marketable, and something that people can both remember and relate too!
TB: Stockholm has only been in existence for about a year and yet you guys have garnered a lot of critical acclaim including showcasing the 2010 Florida Music Festival. Did you ever expect recognition to come so quickly? How do you stay grounded?
OTFS: We keep our feet on the ground at all times, we don't allow us to get ahead of ourselves, because we never know what might be around the corner. We're all very proud of what we have achieved in the last year, but feel that year two will show further, maybe even greater success!
TB: Were you well received at the 2010 Florida Music Festival?
OTFS: Very well received, I can't personally look back at a show where we haven't been treated well. Not meaning to sound egotistical in any way, but our music is something that we feel everyone can enjoy, and so far a lot of people have!
TB: You recently completed your first video for "Don't Stop Now." The song is a single off of your EP of the same title. Is there a full length on the way? Anything you can tell us about it right now?
OTFS: We're going back to the studio in November to record a full length album. It's scheduled release is the new year. It follows a similar pace to "Don't Stop Now" and we're very excited about it. There is also talk of another video to coincide with the release of the album.
TB: Until then, we've got your EP and video. What is the lowdown on them?
OTFS: Both the EP and the video have been well received. The director of the video was actually a friend of ours, and he basically asked if we would like to shoot. The download sales for the EP are still going strongly, even after almost six months of it being released on itunes, and the YouTube counts for the videos are continuously rising also.
TB: I see the video is being played this month in all Planet Hollywood's across the country. How did that come to be? Have you stopped by a Planet Hollywood to watch yourself in action?
OTFS: The video is actually being played in all the Planet Hollywoods across the world! It's a massive achievement for us, and we're very happy and fortunate with how the PH team has treated us. We've been into our hometown branch in Orlando, a couple of times, for some promotional signings, and to talk about the World Premier Video Release for "Don't Stop Now." It's going to be Saturday, November 6th, at Planet Hollywood Orlando, and will be a great night for everyone!
TB: You are currently unsigned correct? Have you had any label offers? What are you looking for in a label?
OTFS: We have had some interest from a couple of labels. Both independent and major. Obviously we can't disclose who. We're just looking for a label who can help us reach our music to further horizons, and to more peoples' ears.
TB: As you mentioned earlier, the members of Stockholm reside in Orlando, which isn't far from Disney. What is the best (or worst) thing about living so close to the mouse headquarters?
OTFS: Living so close to Disney isn't bad at all. Orlando is quite a diverse city, with people from all over the planet always wandering the streets. We come across different people from different countries everyday, which is great.
TB: Music wise, is Orlando a good place to be?
OTFS: For the first few months of our journey, Orlando was a great place to be. It has many locations in and around town to play at some great venues, for example BackBooth and The Social, which are great for bands. However, we feel its difficult to find artists with a similar sound to ours to play with. 'Metal' seems to be a prominent genre in the local scene, which is nowhere near our sound. We manage to get by, sometimes with bands relatively close to our sound but, in some cases, with some really strange bands too!
TB: You've got a few shows coming up including, it appears, one on New Year's Eve in Miami. What goes into making a show that you feel proud of? Are you planning anything special for the New Year's Eve gig?
OTFS: We are playing at 'Bardot' in Miami on New Year's, it's a venue that we've recently become close with, and after playing there for the first time in August, we all decided we had to go back. It has a very special, laid back/lounge feel to it. It reminds us of a 'VH1 Storytellers' vibe, but when the music starts, it gets crazy! It doesn't matter where on the planet we are playing, you can't beat the rush of being on stage, in front of people, playing music that you feel so passionate about and generally enjoying yourself. It's why we make music.
TB: Aside from making music, what else are big forces in your lives?
OTFS: I can honestly speak on behalf of the band, and say that this is the only thing going on in our lives! Of course we have family and friends, and separate social lives beyond the band, but in regards to what we spend most of our time doing, it is making music and promoting the hell out of Stockholm. As cliched as it sounds, we feel that is what each of us were designed and destined to do, so as a band, as a team, as a unit, we strive to make that possible.
TB: Does Stockholm get the chance to do much cooking? Any special recipes you care to share?
OTFS: We don't get the chance to do that much cooking, we rehearse most nights a week so when we aren't getting take out, or making a quick meal, we love to BBQ. Nothing too fancy, or over the top, but the chance to grill some great foods with some great people is the best way to enjoy any meal ;)
TB: Any final remarks?
OTFS: Thanks so much for getting in touch with sure to check out where you can see the video for "Don't Stop Now." If anyone finds themselves in Orlando on November 6th, be sure to swing by Planet Hollywood for a great acoustic set that we have in store! Keep an eye out for the release of our full length album in the New Year, and come find us on Facebook. Thanks again for you love and support.

Official video for "Don't Stop Now."

Unofficial video for "Goodbye Tomorrow."

You can also check out Stockholm on Twitter and Reverbnation.