Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where we eat: Senorita Burrita sour creamed with LCD Soundsystem and theprostitutesofpop

(I didn't do much cooking on vacation but I did eat at some great places so periodically I will post about these restaurants).

When I think of a crazy cat lady (or man) two people come to mind first: HH and CC. Both of them would be in heaven in Senorita Burrita. The whole restaurant, which is located in downtown Lancaster, PA, is decked out in cats. From the walls, to the counters to the bathroom, cats are everywhere. What do cats have to do with burritos? Apparently the inspiration comes from Senor Don Gato, a children's song.

I ordered the West Coast Burrito, a vegan burrito that included spinach, vegetarian chili, vegan sour cream, brown rice and house salsa. I was shocked when I received my burrito as it was black as night (I missed that it was served on a black bean tortilla). One of the first things I noticed when I bit into my burrito was the freshness of the salsa. Senorita Burrita grows most of their vegetables organically from seed. What they can't grow they purchase from local farmers markets or produce stands meaning the vegetables do not travel long distances. There was a tang to my burrito that I thought was the result of the sour cream but actually was the salsa. I was very impressed with my burrito.

J-Fur's burrito was way too big for her to finish (all the burritos are stuffed full) so I polished off hers as well. I wasn't quite as excited about hers, mainly because it was drowned in a salsa ranch sauce. Each bite brought a bigger mess.

I loved that Senorita Burrita included an option to create your own and had many choices for tortilla flavors, toppings, vegetables and cheese. Some of these are your run of the mill burrito toppings but they also have a lot of atypical choices like hummus, veggie chili, tomato basil rice, sunflower seeds or feta. Something else that made my burrito experience so enjoyable was that each topping was co-mingled in my tortilla in a way so that every bite brought the same overall flavor. I can't stand certain burrito joints who layer on the cheese, then guacamole, then lettuce etc...so that when you take a bite you will get only cheese or only guacamole. If you make it to downtown Lancaster (or even if you are in the vicinity in say Blue Ball, Intercourse, Virginville, Bird-in-Hand or Paradise, PA) stop by Senorita Burrita. Especially do so on a Monday, considering most other places in town are closed.
Senorita Burrita is located at 227 North Prince Street in Lancaster.

Right across the street from Senorita Burrita is a neat little record store called CI Records. It is hard to tell at first whether the store actually sells anything (a little sign on the window clues you in). While the selection of records is small compared to other stores I've been in, CI has what I need. The bins include plenty indie, punk, and hardcore, old and new. I went in searching for the new LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening. CI did not have it so I settled for an older album, 45:33. That meant less:

and more:

Richard Darby, aka theprostitutesofpop, is an unsigned artist from England who shares some of LCD Soundsystem's experimentalism. No wonder he lists them as one of his influences. While theprostitutesofpop have no videos or mp3's available at the moment, you can hear some of his music on his myspace page. Especially check out "Wind it In" (my favorite).

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