Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beans, Bread and Polaroids: A Monologue About Moreno's New Album

I finally got around to listening to Polaroids, the new album from my favorite Chilean artists Moreno (mentioned here and here and here). What Moreno has going on with Polaroids is a much tighter and more polished album than its predecessors. That isn't to say that Polaroids loses the rawness that is Moreno's strength, quite the opposite. But this new lustre serves to create tracks that swirl and dance and move in ways that the others couldn't. Imagine a blueberry. Now join it with a lemon. That is what you are getting her, the blending of flavors that work. There are sounds on these tracks that either haven't been incorporated before or were buried so far down that one couldn't hear them. Now, they take their rightful place upfront. Moreno brings in sound effects and samples which give one the feel of traveling through various parts of the world. At times I feel underwater, other moments I am transported to the jungle or watching a clown at the circus. While Polaroids still contain some of Moreno's signature instrumentals, it is his voice that really makes the music complete. Be sure to check out "Pichon" and "Comiendo con la Mano" as these two tracks emphasize everything I've come to enjoy about this album. After that, sit back and crank up "No Jodas" as it competes with "Pica" for best Moreno song. You can download the entire album, for free, here.

Polaroids is best served with Vegan baked bbq black-eyed peas (in the background above) and jalapeno onion cornbread (pictured below) courtesy of the Vegan Meow Blog.