Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pour Some Agave on Me Mix: PVT, Young Galaxy, Bandit Teeth, Marnie Stern, Mikrofisch, 38 Souls, Chappo, Arab Strap, Germany Germany, Wale, and more

Back in 1987 Def Leppard rushed to number 2 on the Us Billboard Hot 100 charts with their hit song "Pour Some Sugar on Me." The bands producer, John "Mutt" Lange, was the inspiration behind the song. He thought it up during a coffee break. Word has it that had agave nectar, a commercially produced liquid sweetener from Mexico that I have come to enjoy much more than granulated sugar, been a bigger deal in 1987 history might have been changed forever. Imagine Mutt, pouring agave into his coffee and thinking up that song instead. Classic rock fans might be walking around today singing "Pour Some Agave on Me." This playlist goes out to the imported sweetener that makes me think twice about reaching for the sugar.

Track Listing:

Young Galaxy-Queen Drum
Curry & Coco-Sex is Fashion
Bandit Teeth-Encouragement
Marnie Stern -For Ash
Mikrofisch-Alien Monsters
Wale-Smoke it
Bottomless Pit-38 Souls
Chappo-Come Home
Arab Strap-Daughters of Darkness
Germany Germany-Home

Download Playlist Here

(Thanks to Pitchfork, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Absolut Noise,Triple J Unearthed, KEXP blog, Eardrums, Indie Rock Cafe, the Music Alliance Project, and the bands for making this mix possible)