Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 All Hexane Patties Mix: The Rassle, White Wires, Victor Shade, Low Sea, Lost Chord, Weekends, Ceremony, Hey Marseilles, Demander, Paller, and more..

Long before my pal Dooglas told me that some of my favorite veggie burgers have Hexane residues in them (here is an article, written by the Cornucopia Institute, which discusses hexane in veggie burgers) I was considering making my own. They are just too darn pricey. Veggie burgers aren't a big part of my diet but they always seemed to be there when I needed something quick and painless. Now, knowing they contain trace amounts of a neurotoxin and pollutant, I'd have to say they are no longer painless. So I'm ridding my fridge of these burgers, picking up the beans and food processor, and making my own, hexane free, versions. That's what this playlist is all about.

Track Listing:

The Rassle-Born Free
Carrie Rodriguez-Big Love
White Wires-Ha Ha Holiday
The Library is on Fire-Magic Bumrush
Victor Shade-Autograffiti
Low Sea-Never Yours
The Divine Comedy-At the Indie Disco
Lost Chord-Cheats
Weekends-Raingirls (short)
Hey Marseilles-Rio
Alcoholic Faith Mission-My Eyes to See
Lifeless Satellites-Memory
Pallers-The Kiss

Download Playlist Here

Recipe: The recipe for the Walnut Black Bean burgers pictured at the top (which are vegan except for the ones I put cheese on top) can be found here.