Monday, March 1, 2010

Appendages in the Colcannon Mix: Tapedeck Mountain, Japanther, Sarah Jaffe, Rooftop Vigilantes, Werd, FM Belfast, Moreno, Arpline, Birdmonster...

I like to stick my fingers in things to taste them, especially mashed potatoes (or the version I make which is closer to colcannon). Some people may view this as unsanitary. I say, at least I'm not Mantan Moreland (check out 1:40).

Be it cake batter, icing, grease, hot sauce, soup, pie filling, it doesn't matter. I'ma gonna stick my finger in and lick it off. Appendage lickers (and stickers) this mix is for you.

Track Listing:

Tapedeck Mountain-On my honor
Japanther-Spread so thin
Sarah Jaffe-Clementine
Rooftop Vigilantes-Seth no jump
Werd-Ur not Emcees
Prizzy Prizzy Please-Large Hadron Collider
FM Belfast-Par Avion Master
Puerto Muerto-Drumming for Pistols
Arpline-Fold up like a piece of paper
The Phonies-Crayon Factory
The Deadly Syndrome-Wingwalker
Birdmonster-All the holes in the walls
Girls in the Eighties-Vacation
Solvor Vermeer-The beaming light

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Download BTreotch/Comerfield Remix Here

Recipe: To make the colcannon pictured at the top. Fry 1/4 a head of thinly sliced green cabbage in olive oil. Set aside. Boil five potatoes until soft. Place into a mixer with 3 tablespoons butter and 2/3 a cup of milk. Mix until smooth (no lumps). Salt and pepper to taste. Mix the potatoes with the cabbage. Serve immediately.