Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I left My Heart in San FranCrisco Mix: Phantogram, Magneta Lane, Red Mass, The Prairie Cartel, Whitley, The Walt, Swimming In Speakers, and more

I've never used Crisco, the hydrogenated cottenseed/soybean oil shortening that has been available since 1911, for baking. In fact, the only time I have ever used Crisco was for an experiment with my second graders mimicking whale blubber. As far as I am concerned, that is all it is good for, remaining outside of the body, not being ingested. But not everyone agrees. After gorging ourselves at Thanksgiving, my friend Sarah began contemplating making cookies. She was perusing recipes in a cookbook called "The Black Family Reunion Cookbook" and every dessert called for Crisco. She had it on hand in case the motivation struck her. As outdated as Crisco seems to me, somebody somewhere is scooping a handful of hydrogenated cottenseed/soybean oil shortening right now in preparation for Santa's arrival. Crisco scoopers, this playlist is for you:

Track Listing:

Two Door Cinema Club-I can talk (radio intro version)
Magneta Lane-Love and Greed
Red Mass-Saturn
Get Busy Committee-My Little Razorblade
The Cribs-We were aborted
The Prairie Cartel-No Light Escapes Here
Phantogram-When I'm Small
Whitley-Head, First, Down
Fucked Up-Neat Parts
The Walt-Happily Ever After
Theophilus London-Humdrum Town
My Cousin, The Emperor-A Long Way from Home
Montpelier-The Rafters
Swimming In Speakers-In Knowing
Jookabox-You Cried Me

Download Playlist Here

My favorite holiday cookie recipe which contains nary a trace of Crisco. These are called Reese's Peanut Butter Temptations and are wonderful fresh out of the oven or frozen. My mom is probably madly baking them at this very moment in preparation for my return home for the holidays.