Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Apple a Day with Once upon a Girl, Mordingjarnir, Au Revoir Simone, Samuraj Cities and Flat Stanley

There is an old adage that suggests "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." If that truly is mired in fact than my recent birthday celebration will keep me going strong until I am 120 years old (of course if sugar is detrimental to health than I am in trouble).

Breakfast: Vegetarian Times' Apple Cinnamon French Toast (recipe)

Lunch: Real Simple's Apple-Pear Galette (recipe)

Dinner Dessert: Cheesecake Factory's Apple Crisp (I didn't have my camera along so here is someone else's photo)

In between I squeezed in some Greek Artichoke Salad (which I heard is also good for you).

As I enjoyed apples and my 30th birthday I wasn't far from the music. One song I have been listening to on repeat is Once Upon a Girl's "Oh no not again." The catchy chorus is something that I can in no way relate to (I need a man, not a boy) but it still is fun as hell. Thanks to Absolut Noise for this one. Listen to it here.

I was also moving around the kitchen to Iceland's Mordingjarnir. Their song Manvisa not only is fast, catchy punk rock, but it includes an appearance by Kata from Mammut (previous) another band that I enjoy.


A little late on the Au Revoir Simone bandwagon, better late than never. Loving "Shadows."

It isn't just the name that attracted me to Flat Stanley (though that certainly helps for an elementary teacher) it is their loud way of making music. This track is called "Mudfinger."

Flat Stanley-Mudfinger

One of my favorite bands of 2009, Samuraj Cities, has just put out a new video for their song "So sorry, So sorry, So sorry."