Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner and Avi Buffalo, Cold Cave, Oberhofer, We all have hooks for hands, Sissy Wish, Celebration, Brimstone Howl, Embrace Fire and more

J-Fur and I cooked a Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels yesterday. We made roasted cauliflower, colcannon, a lentil loaf, apple crisp, vegetarian stuffing and steamed asparagus, packed it up, and drove over to our friends Chris and Sarah's house. Throw into the mix a turkey, squash casserole, cheese biscuits, salad and only five people in attendance, and you can see why there was a lot of food left over. So at the end of the night we packed up the remaining food and brought it back home. See, Thanksgiving Meal on Wheels. We were too tired to carry the leftovers into the house last night so anyone driving by our apartment, feel free to stop at J-Fur's Honda and help yourself.

Many thanks go to Chris and Sarah for their hospitality. I am also extremely thankful for these songs that helped me complete the holiday cooking in a timely manner:

Avi Buffalo-What's in it for

Cold Cave-Life Magazine

Oberhofer-I could go

We all have hooks for hands-Made up of Tiny lights

Sissy Wish-Float

Celebration-I will not fall

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down-Know Better Learn Faster

Embrace Fire-Wolf Hour
Brimstone Howl-Suicide Blues

December's playlist is on the way, a new interview is coming next week and today I am celebrating buy nothing day. Have a great Friday.