Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baker's Dozen: Interview with The Bernadettes

This is the fourth installment of A Baker's Dozen (and second this month), a series on Write.Click.Cook.Listen, in which I interview a Write.Click.Cook.Listen certified artist asking them thirteen questions. Recently I interviewed (via email) the godfather's of "drunkpop," The Bernadettes. Their song "Let's Make Babies" appeared on our Is it in roux mix?

TB: Who are the current members of The Bernadettes?
The Bernadettes: Paolo Angeles: Vocals,
Poch Angeles: guitars, songwriter
Andre Salazar: drums
TB: According to your MySpace page the band was "conceptualized in Switzerland" and made some "inroads" there before returning to the Phillippines. What was the reason for the move? Has it helped the band?
ThB: Geneva was the birthplace of "drunkpop" and we enjoyed the experiences we had during our brief stay there. But due to language constraints, we found it difficult to develop as a band. We decided to come back home and take our chances here. It was a good decision. More and more people became aware of "drunkpop" and we grew as musicians.
TB: Where did you come up with the band name?
ThB: When we were in high school, my brother used to go out with a girl name Bernadette. Funny thing is, years later, when I was in college I dated this girl who happened to be named Bernadette too. They broke our hearts. We named our band The Bernadettes so they won't forget us.
TB: Your first single, "Let's Make Babies" comes in two forms. There is the actual single and an abortion remix. What was the reasoning behind the remix? Do you plan to remix all of your singles?
ThB: The remix was the idea of our producers, and it was made as the B-side of our single. We liked the remix as well. There is no definite plan to do the same to our upcoming singles. All options are still on the table.
TB: Two lovers are about to hop into bed and they turn "Let's Make Babies" on. How do you feel about this?
ThB: Fine and dandy. A job well done...
TB: Alright. You've mentioned "drunkpop" a couple of times already. You've dubbed yourself a "drunkpop" band. What does this label mean to you?
ThB: It all started as a joke between us brothers. People were comparing our music to Britpop artists. The thing is, we're not British, and we always play drunk. One night we were asked to define our music genre. Drunkpop was the first thing that came to mind, and the rest, as they say, is history.
TB: Describe your live shows.
ThB: It's like having one big party wherein friends are welcome to join onstage to jam with us. Imagine a karaoke night out with friends singing our songs along with our live music. Dancing, drinking, and having a good time.
TB: You are currently working on a full length album to be released on Lilystars Records. What can you tell us about the album?
ThB: The album is intended to introduce Drunkpop to a wider audience. It is still in the works and we'll update fans soon.
TB: Why did you choose to sign with Lilystars Records? Were there other labels interested?
ThB: Yes, there were other offers, but playing with Lilystars bi-monthly live gig The Pop Shoppe, we felt more at home. It's so much fun and everyone is treating everybody like family.
TB: Your MySpace page lists influences such as The Who, Joy Division, The Smiths, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Cure, Blur, and Teenage Fanclub. How have these bands influenced you?
ThB: Blur really made a huge impression on us. It showed us that we don't have to be good to be great. Looks don't matter, it's all about the music.
TB: What is the music scene like in the Philippines? Any other bands we should keep on our radar?
ThB: The music scene here is alive and as diverse as our kinky girlfriends' underwear drawer. Bands to look out for are The Camerawalls and Turbo Goth.
TB: Do The Bernadettes have any unique recipes that you would like to share with our readers?
ThB: We love cooking. Here's the recipe of a Traditional Filipino Chicken Adobo.
TB: Anything else you'd like to say?
ThB: Drunkpop na!

The band also sent me a link to their one You tube clip.

Normally I like to post additional videos, songs, or related links to the bands that I interview. Unfortunately, being so fresh on the scene, this stuff just doesn't exist for The Bernadettes yet. At least check out their MySpace page to hear the abortion remix of their song "Let's Make Babies." Also purchase their single here.