Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something missing mix: Athol Birnie, Burning Hearts, Firetop Mountain, A Camp, BBU, Club 8, New Roman Times, Hilltop Hoods, Eat Skull, Jay Reatard

I followed the recipe exactly putting in proper amounts and appropriate ingredients but the taste test told me there was something wrong. It was good, but not delicious. It required something else to push it to that level. For our cauliflower soup it was orzo and croutons, the lentil pasta lacked salt, the dessert buffet pie dough needed to be cooked longer. That's what this months play list is all about, recipes that are slightly off, missing something. Big O, here we come:

Track Listing:

Firetop Mountain-How can you dance at a time like this
BBU-Chi Don't Dance
Club 8-Jesus, Walk with Me (Sound of Arrows Remix)
Jay Reatard-It Ain't Gonna Save Me
Athol Birnie-The Station
LCD Soundsystem-Someone Great
New Roman Times-Smoke in your Disguise
Hilltop Hoods-Chase that Feeling
Eat Skull-Heaven's Stranger
A Camp-Stronger than Jesus
BrakesBrakesBrakes-Don't Take me to Space (Man)
Burning Hearts-I Lost my Colour Vision

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The croutons pictured at the top can be made by simply taking stale bread (the staler the better) frying it on two sides over olive oil and garlic (until browned) and then topping with salt and pepper. For more specific directions check out How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. After eating these you will never go back to commercialized ones, I swear.