Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Table, Empty House Mix: Ladyhawke, Billy Talent, An Horse, Animal Collective, The Thermals, Samuraj Cities, Birds of Tokyo, Winter Gloves

You know the feeling, maybe. You come out of the kitchen after having slaved over a hot stove (or shoddy microwave) all day, food in hand, wipe the sweat from your brow only to realize nobody showed. All those invites, answered evites, rsvps, just a cruel joke on you.

Track Listing:

Billy Talent-This Suffering
An Horse-Scared as Fuck (alternate title: Warm Hands)
Friendly Fires-Jump in the Pool
Animal Collective-Fireworks
The Thermals-Now we can see
Samuraj Cities-Washed Up
Birds of Tokyo-Wild Eyed Boy
Winter Gloves-Let Me Drive

Download Playlist Here

For the recipe for the delicious Vegetable Wellington, pictured at the top of this entry, click here.